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Digitise and Donate Your Brain Data

For non-profit entity

We harvest brain data and enrich it for science


Brain is not well understood. The problems of brain diseases and Brain Computer Interfaces could be solved by collecting big data of brain data and scanning brains of unique individuals

Open Data for R&D

We help scientist run experiments that cure brain deseases and open Metaverse 2.0 use cases

Brain Data Donation

You can help us by digitizing and donating your brain. Celebrities are compensated with profit sharing from sales of NFT

Free Access for Everybody

We don’t want the world where you brain data is owned by corporations. We are creating a distributed infrastructure and dropping brain data anonymously it on the blockchain

How Does It Works


neuromining 1.png

User Attraction

Users connect to Virtual rooms to perform tasks as prescribed in our special Gear is fully controlled experiment environment 

neuromining 2.png

Data Collection

We collect data and process it on our blockchain distributed platform to update brain data processing

neuromining 3.png

Data Sharing

Our platform is open to best universities and scientists for interpretation and research

Do You Want To Donate Your Brain?

Contact us to get started

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