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Case Study

Potential application of NeuroChip


Neuroscience &

Industrial Robots

Neuroscience make industrial robotics more effective

with non-invasive FNIR based BCIs can be used for advanced robot. Such BCI are based on the concept of “automated autonomous intention execution” (AutInEx), that is, the automated execution of possibly very complex actions and action sequences intended by a human through an autonomous robot.

The FNIR controlled autonomous robotics can IMPROVE THE EFFICIENCY OF MANY DANGEROUS INDUSTRIES and allow to perform fast and safe operations controlled by humans.

Neuroscience &


Neuroscience make HR and consulting companies more effective

in selecting job candidates. Neuro technologies provide a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF A PERSON'S CHARACTER, nervous system, psychotype and reactions to stress. Stress tests and games have become an integral part of recruiting, and the introduction of neuroscience will make the results of these tests even more accurate.


The use of neuro-analysis is also useful for candidates to UNDERSTAND THEIR WEAKNESSES AND STRENGTHS, in order to find the optimal position. Experts recommend conducting neuro-tests on an ongoing basis to understand the psychological state of the employee and IMPROVE THE EFFICIENCY OF THE TEAM


Neuroscience &


Neuromarketing is a field of science in which physiological and neural signals are measured to UNDERSTAND THE MOTIVATION AND PREFERENCES OF CUSTOMERS.

RESEARCHERS RECORD THE SUBCONSCIOUS REACTIONS OF THE BRAIN TO A PRODUCT OR MARKETING MESSAGE AND TRACKED THE SUBCONSCIOUS PROCESSES. Neuromarketing will help to understand what will sell better, which promotional video will be more effective, and even what type of goods will be more appealing to customers.

In focus groups and surveys, people can lie or embellish, sometimes without realizing it, because they want to appear better than they are, and SUBCONSCIOUS REACTIONS ARE ALWAYS TRUE.

Neuroscience &


About 300 million people suffer from brain diseases every year. Combining neuroscience and healthcare can have a synergistic effect on the development of the industry and revolutionize the TREATMENT OF ALZHEIMER'S, ATAXIA, PARKINSON'S AND MENTAL DISORDERS.

With the help of a smart system of neuro detectors, it is possible to PREVENT THE DEVELOPMENT OF DISEASES, make accurate diagnoses, and apply advanced methods of treatment. The NaaS model allows patients to receive up-to-date statistics and recommendations through a MOBILE APPLICATION, keep in touch with the attending physician and transmit up-to-date data to medical institutions.


Neuroscience &


Neuroscience can significantly improve the effectiveness of athletes' training a healthy mind in a healthy body – proper psychological preparation of athletes ensures high sports results. Analysis of brain activity allows to PREVENT DISEASES AND PSYCHOLOGICAL BURNOUT of athletes.

The mobile application is very convenient for both professional athletes and amateurs, as it makes it possible to track progress, monitor psychological health and receive doctors’ recommendations online. One of new directions in neuroscience – transcranial direct-current stimulation technologies represent a great potential for IMPROVING ATHLETIC SKILLS AND REDUCING FATIGUE.

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